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The bond market

Monthly and quarterly notes on the euro-denominated bond markets

Since 1999 the Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs has produced monthly and quarterly reports on the euro-denominated bond markets. They provide the Commission Services and the interested public with regular insights on the progress of the development of an integrated bond market for Europe.

On a monthly basis, these relatively concise reports cover trends in the level and composition of bond issuance, the evolution of issuance size and ratings, issuance maturities, geographical origin of issuance, etc.
In the quarterly reports, “special features” present a more in-depth analysis of specific bond market related topics. (See the chronological list of "special features" below.)

Regular work done for the bond notes is also generally the basis for other – more ad hoc – analysis of bond market developments or issues on the agenda of the Sub-Committee on EU Government Bills and Bonds Markets of the Economic and Financial Committee (EFC).

Chronological list of special features presented in the quarterly notes on the euro-denominated bond markets

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