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Economic and Financial Committee on EU Government Bonds and Bills Markets

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-- Updated 27 April 2009--

Welcome to the web site of the Economic and Financial Committee (EFC) Sub-Committee on EU Government Bills and Bonds Markets. This site has been set up to facilitate the provision of information available to bond and bill markets participants.

The Sub-Committee is chaired by Jens Thomsen, the Deputy Governor of the Danish Central Bank. It is comprised of members from all 27 EU Member States responsible for managing public debt - typically from the debt office, finance ministry or central bank depending on national structures. The European Commission and the European Central Bank are also represented in the Sub-Committee.

The Sub-Committee was first established in December 1997 under the chairmanship of Grégoire Brouhns to study the modalities of debt re-denomination in stage 3 of EMU and other issues related to government bonds and bills markets in the context of the changeover to the euro. Since then the mandate of the Sub-committee has been to promote further the integration and a better functioning of EU government bond markets.

Where appropriate, the findings of the Sub-Committee will be made available to market participants and the public through this web site. This site also provides access to the published reports of the Sub-Committee, in addition to details of Member States' issuance programmes and a list of contact persons in the national public debt offices.