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Since May 2010, DG ECFIN publishes business survey data according to the new NACE rev.2 classification, which became compulsory for all statistics classified according to economic activities produced by the Commission or Member States (EC Regulation No 1893/2006). NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) is the European statistical classification of economic activities. Statistics produced on the basis of NACE are comparable at European level and, in general, at world level in line with the United Nations' International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC). The change in the identification and grouping of similar economic activities associated with the move to the new NACE implies a statistical break in the time series.

Partner institutes in the Joint Harmonised Business and Consumer Surveys have been invited to provide DG ECFIN with long NACE rev.2 series. This has implied a process of back-casting to transform the historic NACE rev.1.1 series into NACE rev.2 series. The Commission has carried out an in-depth process of evaluation and statistical treatment of part of the back-cast series sent by partner institutes. This validation has covered the aggregate level (i.e. "total sector") and, in the case of the industry survey, the Main Industrial Grouping (MIG) level (i.e. consumer goods, intermediate goods, investment goods, etc). Methodological details related to the validation process are available herepdf(81 kB).

The results are NACE rev.2 series that are (i) continuous (i.e. without spurious breaks due to changes in nomenclature) and (ii) as long as possible. These consistent time series are accessible from the DG ECFIN's validated database. Given that the financial services survey is not affected by the change to NACE rev.2, the database also contains subsector data for that survey. Moreover, it contains breakdowns of the consumer survey results with respect to respondents' age, occupation, income, etc. ('categories').

Subsector level data (i.e. the divisions of NACE rev.2 at the 2-digit level, e.g. "Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products") for the industry, services, retail trade, construction and investment surveys are available in a separate database. As these series have not undergone a full validation process, their use and interpretation deserve more caution.

A third database contains archived time series (until April 2010); including i) the former NACE rev.1.1 business survey series; and ii) NACE rev.2 series at aggregate level, as originally provided by our partner institutes.

DG ECFIN's validated BCS database

All files are in WinZip format (size ranges from 100Kb to 10Mb).

World Economic Survey (WES): quarterly survey published by the IFO Institute in February, May, August and November

Country weights: this file contains the country weightszip(76 kB) for all the surveys referred to in the methodological User Guidepdf(355 kB) Choose translations of the previous link .

In case of problems with downloading these long time series, you can contact us.

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