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Marek Belka Marek Belka
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Claudia M. Buch Claudia M. Buch
Bucher Anne Anne Bucher
Marco Buti Marco Buti
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Guillermo de la Dehesa Guillermo de la Dehesa
Filippo di Mauro Filippo di Mauro
Stephen Fidler Stephen Fidler
Martin Jahn Martin Jahn
Enda Kenny Enda Kenny
Pascal Lamy Pascal Lamy
Erkki Liikanen Erkki Liikanen
Dan O'Brien Dan O'Brien
Jim O'Neill Jim O'Neill
Olli Rehn Olli Rehn
Peter Spiegel Peter Spiegel
Jürgen Thumann Jürgen Thumann
Maarten Verwey Maarten Verwey
António Vitorino António Vitorino
Charles Wyplosz Charles Wyplosz
Anders Åslund Anders Åslund
Stephen Fidler Stephen Fidler Brussels Editor, Wall Street Journal

Stephen Fidler has been Brussels Editor of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires since October 2009, leading coverage of the European Union and the euro-zone debt crisis, as well as writing a weekly column and other articles.

Before joining the Journal, he spent more than 20 years with the Financial Times in senior roles, including capital markets editor, Latin America Editor, and U.S. diplomatic editor, based in Washington DC.

He spent almost a decade as a correspondent for Reuters in London, New York and the Middle East. He holds a degree in economics from London University, and was formerly a senior consulting fellow for the International Institute of Strategic Studies.

The Future of EMU
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