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Dr. Mickey D. Levy

Dr. Mickey D. Levy

Chief Economist, Bank of America.

As Chief Economist for Bank of America, Dr. Levy analyses and forecasts US and global economic performance and financial market behaviour, and conducts research on global macroeconomic policies. He sits on the Bank's Asset Liability and Market Risk Committee and develops strategies for the investment portfolio.

In addition to his work with Bank of America, Dr. Levy serves on the Shadow Open Market Committee and is an advisor to several Federal Reserve Banks. He is on the Membership Committee of the Economic Club of New York, the Panel of Economic Advisors of the Institute for International Finance and the Clearing House Academic Advisory Council. Dr. Levy also is a member of the Governance Board of the Research Alliance for New York City Schools.

Dr. Levy has testified before US Congressional committees on topics concerning the Federal Reserve and monetary policy, fiscal and budget policies, economic and bank credit conditions.