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John Peet

John Peet

Europe Editor, The Economist.

John Peet has been Europe Editor of The Economist since September 2003. He is responsible for coverage of all of Europe, including the European Union, Russia, Turkey, the Caucasus and the Balkans.

Previously, Mr. Peet was Business Affairs editor for The Economist (1998-2003), and earlier positions with The Economist include Brussels (EU) correspondent, Executive Editor, Surveys Editor, Washington, DC, correspondent and Britain correspondent.

Mr. Peet has written for The Economist special reports on management consulting, health care, the American South, Spain, the European Union, European Monetary Union, Equity Markets, E-Commerce, the Netherlands, Water, Ireland, Italy, the Future of Europe and Turkey.

Before joining The Economist in 1986, Mr. Peet worked in HM Treasury and Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UKRep Brussels).

He graduated from Cambridge University with an MA in economics.