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Slovaks ready for the euro

A new Eurobarometer survey shows that 80% of Slovaks consider themselves ready for the euro, which will be introduced on 1 January 2009.

November 14, 2008

Compared to the previous (Barometer 237) survey, the results of this survey from 22 to 26 September, show that support for and familiarity with the euro has risen, while fears about price increases have further diminished.
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Main findings

  • Support for the euro goes up
    An increasing number of people are rather or very happy that the euro will be introduced in Slovakia (56.6% relative to 52% in spring) while only 34.8% are rather or very unhappy about it (-8.1%points).

  • Slovaks are getting more familiar with the euro
    More people have seen euro banknotes and coins while its usage seems to be on the same level as in spring. 65.2% (compared to 44.6% in spring) correctly know that the euro coins have partly different designs. On the other hand, 51.35 % (compard to 44.6% in spring) erroneously think the same is true for banknotes.

  • Level of information strengthens further
    80 % of the Slovak citizns feel very or rather well informed on the euro changeover, some 15¨% higher than in May 2008. Dual price displays continue to be the most appreciated way to inform people in the campaign.

  • Price fears ease
    Inflation expectations are mixed. Still almost 65% expect price increases when the euro is introduced. However, this is some 11 % lower than in spring 2008.
    In the same vein, fewer people expressed fear of incorrect prices during the changeover.

Communicating on the euro
These results show that the public communication and information campaign on the euro in Slovakia, supported by the European Commission's DG ECFIN, has had a positive effect.

The European Commission conducts both regular and ad hoc surveys on the public's view of the single currency. The fieldwork for this survey was carried out just over three months before the Slovak changeover to the euro on 1 January 2009.