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Economic sentiment rebounds in April, showing first noticeable increase in two years

In April, the Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) for the EU and the euro area picked up for the first time since May 2007 (excluding a small blip in March 2008 for the EU).

29 April 2009.

The ESI increased by 3.5 points in the EU, and by 2.5 points in the euro area, to 63.9 and 67.2 respectively.

Improvement for industry and consumers

The rebound in the ESI resulted from a clear improvement in sentiment in industry and among consumers, which in both regions rose by the same amount (3 points), and a smaller increase in services (+1 point in both regions).

Retail trade sentiment grew by 2 points in the EU, but fell by 2 points in the euro area.
Construction, in contrast, declined in both areas – by 1 point in the EU and by 2 points in the euro area.

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