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Welcome to the European Commission's new thematic website for Economic and Financial Affairs.

Our intention is to continue to provide accurate and timely information and analysis to our specialist clients, but to make that information much easier to find. Just as importantly, we have set out to make this topic much more transparent and understandable for the general public.

I hope that both audiences will enjoy it and find it useful and informative.

In order to explain an often complex subject in a more digestible form, the first thing we had to do was to rethink and revise the information we provided and present it in a direct and appealing way. Wherever possible, we have used graphics to explain things and to make the site easier to navigate around.

Most importantly, we want to communicate to people in their own language. Today, our top level pages are available in German, Greek, English, French, and Spanish, and in the following weeks we will roll out all the other working languages of the community.

Researchers and professional economists have not been forgotten either; our well-known publications section has been enhanced by a new, custom-made search tool, which allows users to easily find documents and publications by typing in a few key words or by navigating through a simple menu.

We hope that children will make the most of the information on the site – especially in the euro section, which provides a mine of information for them – but we also want them to have some fun. With this in mind we have developed a series of five informative games for various ages, which range from the easy to the fiendishly difficult!

I do hope that you appreciate the new website and that you enjoy your visit. 

Klaus Regling - Director General, Economic and Financial Affairs

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