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Transit using the TIR carnet starting in the EU and ending outside

Community goods in the Netherlands are destined for a customer (Company B, consignee) located in Russia.

After fulfilling the export formalities (see the export scenario), and in order to enable the transport to Russia, the transporter (Company A, holder of a carnet TIR) requests the opening of a TIR movement.

The goods are transported to the final customer by road.


Consignee: Person or company to whom the goods are to be delivered.

TIR carnet holder: the person to whom a TIR carnet has been issued.

carnet TIR: Document facilitating transit by serving both as a customs declaration and as a guarantee in countries that are a contracting party to the TIR Convention (OJ 2009 No L 165, p. 1), TIR carnet templatepdf.