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The simplifications of the transit procedure scenario

Non-Community goods in the Netherlands are destined for a customer (Company B, authorised consignee) in Germany. The transporter (company A, authorised consignor) in the Netherlands requests the opening of the transit procedure.

The goods are transported to the final customer by road.


Applying the simplifications to the procedure gives to the user the possibility of carrying out all the procedures at one’s own premises by exchanging information with customs electronically. Where simplifications of the procedures are used the trader shall fulfil all the obligations and conditions agreed and set out in his authorisation.

Authorised Consignee: Persons who wish to receive at their premises or at any other specified place goods entered for the Community transit procedure without presenting them and the transit accompanying document at the office of destination may be granted the status of authorised consignee.

Authorised Consignor: Persons wishing to carry out Community transit operations without presenting the goods and the corresponding transit declaration at the office of departure or any other authorised place may be granted the status of authorised consignor.