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Do you want to import or export goods or move them in transit?

This section of the customs information portal features several very frequent scenarios of customs transactions. They cover the import of goods into and their export from the European Union as well as the movement of goods in transit.

These scenarios aim to break a typical normal customs transaction down into its main stages and to show, for each step, the tasks that the actors involved have to carry out. The descriptions take due account of the changes brought about by the entry into force on 1 July 2009 of the security amendment to the Community Customs Code.

To access the import, export or transit scenarios you are interested in, click on the relevant button below.

Security Amendment to the Customs Code

Security Amendment to the Customs Code

The security amendment to the Customs Code aims to ensure an equal level of protection through customs controls for all goods brought into or out of the EU. This section contains all the legislation, procedures and information relevant to the amendment.