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For updated information on customs matters please visit EU Customs and Taxation.

The videos in this section will give you an overview of the services that the European Commission provides to businesses and customs officials in all EU Member States.

Video clip (Teaser) (02:20, flv, 1024 x 576 px, 21 MB)

The video clip presents the European Customs Information Portal (ECIP), the online business databases and eLearning courses in the customs and taxation fields. These services have been developed by the European Commission and are provided free of charge.

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Disclaimer: The examples of products and companies in the video clip have been chosen for illustrative purposes only and do not indicate any kind of endorsement or promotion of a specific product or company on the part of the European Commission. In all areas where examples are provided in the film, other positive examples with other products or companies could have been chosen.

ECIP video tutorial (07:27, flv, 480 x 270 px, 23 MB)

This video tutorial explains the structure, functionalities and the value to businesses of the European Customs Information Portal (ECIP).

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Security Amendment to the Customs Code

Security Amendment to the Customs Code

The security amendment to the Customs Code aims to ensure an equal level of protection through customs controls for all goods brought into or out of the EU. This section contains all the legislation, procedures and information relevant to the amendment.