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What are the needs?

Somalia’s ongoing conflict and complex emergency have displaced millions from their homes. Some live as refugees in neighbouring countries, like Kenya and Ethiopia.

The country remains weakened by years of consecutive crises: famine, poor rains and harvests, drought and other natural disasters. Efforts to build national and regional administrations able to deliver basic services are advancing slowly.

The food security situation remains precarious, especially in south-central Somalia. One million children are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition in 2017.  

In the context of the ongoing conflict, efforts are made to carry out humanitarian activities in all areas where needs exist but ensuring safe and unfettered access remains a complicated task.

How are we helping?

The European Commission is supporting life-saving interventions where the needs are the highest, focusing on protection, food security, health, nutrition, shelter, water and sanitation, hygiene promotion, livelihoods support, and the coordination of aid.

The funds help the people displaced by disaster and conflict, as well as people returning home from neighbouring countries and those who have sought refuge outside of the country.

The Commission's priority remains fast, efficient, and principled humanitarian action wherever the people in need are located.

EU humanitarian aid is independent from political considerations and based on the identified needs of the most vulnerable Somalis.

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