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Photo credits: EU/ECHO/Mathias Eick

What are the needs?

Due to its geographical location, Vietnam is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. Local capacity to respond to recurrent flash floods, floods, typhoons, and landslides is growing, but international assistance is at times still necessary.

Storms with the resultant floods, landslides and destruction of homes and livelihoods often leave inhabitants in need of temporary shelter, clean water and sanitation, primary health care, basic household items and hygiene awareness. Access due to a lack of infrastructure is often a challenge.

As its neighbouring countries, Vietnam was also affected by flooding in October 2011, which affected the southern parts of the country.

How are we helping?

The European Commission, through ECHO, is providing some €3.5 million for humanitarian aid for those affected by the floods in the Mekong Delta. This aid is going towards housing materials, water and sanitation, basic household items, as well as helping people restart or change their livelihoods. The funding for Vietnam is part of a €21 million decision by ECHO to give humanitarian aid to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines for communities affected by the floods of October 2011.

ECHO believes that a well prepared community saves lives and assets. Under its Disaster Preparedness Programme (DIPECHO), ECHO supports community-based activities, local capacity building to respond to future disasters through small scale mitigation projects, early warning systems, education and public awareness campaigns about the risks of disaster and how to reduce them. Projects focus on coastal and the Mekong delta areas, but are also implemented in remote mountainous regions.

In addition, ECHO continuously supports the institutionalisation of community-based disaster risk reduction. This is made possible thanks to the Joint Advocacy Network Initiative (JANI) led by CARE but involving all DIPECHO partners and the government.

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