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Natural disasters

28/12/2017 - News
The European Union will provide €570 000 in humanitarian funding to deliver emergency relief assistance to families affected by typhoon Tembin, which wreaked havoc across large parts of the southern Philippines just before Christmas. The funds will...
20/12/2017 - News
In the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria, which wreaked havoc across the Caribbean in September 2017, the European Commission has mobilised an additional €3.3 million to support preparedness initiatives that will help countries in the region to...
Albania flooding
18/12/2017 - News
Albania experienced extreme and intense rainfall in December, causing many rivers to burst their banks and triggering floods in the southern regions of the country. Overflowing rivers have damaged road infrastructure and properties. As a result, 21...
Distribution by IFRC
14/12/2017 - News
In response to Typhoon Damrey, which wreaked havoc across large parts of Vietnam’s central and south-central regions in early November, the European Commission is providing €200 000 in humanitarian aid funding to assist the most affected communities...
Bali operation by IFRC
13/12/2017 - News
Following a series of eruptions of Mount Agung volcano in Indonesia’s island of Bali which began late September, the European Commission will provide €100 000 to deliver emergency relief assistance to the most affected families.
Chiara, EU Aid Volunteer
05/12/2017 - News
International Volunteer Day, observed every year on 5 December, is an occasion to celebrate the contribution of individual volunteers and organisations.

/echo/file/eu-aid-volunteers-marie-elodie-senegal_enEU Aid Volunteers: Marie-Elodie in Senegal

EU Aid Volunteers: Marie-Elodie in Senegal
05/12/2017 - Video
Launched in 2015 by the European Union, the EU Aid Volunteers initiative enables volunteers and organisations from different countries to work together on humanitarian projects around the world. Its purpose is to help build the local capacity and...
Civil Protection Portugal
23/11/2017 - News
Today the European Commission revealed ambitious new plans to strengthen Europe's ability to deal with natural disasters.
Forest fires in Italy
30/10/2017 - News
The European Commission has helped mobilise emergency support for Italy through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, following a request for assistance to battle forest fires in the country.
Preparations in june 2017 by MPDL
27/10/2017 - Blog post
Before hurricane Irma battered Cuba in September, the Caribbean island had been struggling through a devastating drought for years, affecting crops, livestock and even people’s drinking water supply.