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30/11/2018 - Photo story
Idyllic as their location may seem, Madagascar and Mozambique are regularly battered by cyclones and other extreme weather. New drone technology has the potential to help communities in both countries better withstand these disasters. EU...

/echo/file/accurate-weather-forecasting-nomadic-mongolian-herders_enAccurate weather forecasting for nomadic Mongolian herders

Accurate weather forecasting for nomadic Mongolian herders
14/11/2018 - Video
Dzud is a Mongolian term for an extreme weather phenomenon characterised by a very harsh winter. During a dzud, livestock are unable to graze and have to rely on food stocks. In the past, a dzud occurred once or twice in a decade. Today, climatic...

/echo/file/drones-humanitarian-action-0_enDrones in humanitarian action

Drones in humanitarian action
19/09/2018 - Video
Malawi is a small country in southern Africa with a population of 14 million people who mainly rely on agriculture as a means of subsistence. In 2017, drought in the country affected more than half the population. EU humanitarian support enables...
18/09/2018 - Basic page
Why is this important?In accordance with the humanitarian principles, established by the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid, the EU seeks to address the needs of the most vulnerable people facing a humanitarian crisis and disaster. A needs-...
31/07/2018 - News
The European Commission has mobilised €200,000 (LAK 1,958,800,000) in emergency relief for the families most affected by the collapse of a section of the Xepian-Xe Nam Noy hydropower dam in southern Lao PDR.
© Matteo Arrotta via Flickr
17/07/2018 - News
The European Commission has helped mobilise two firefighting planes from Italy via the EU's Civil Protection Mechanism, following a request for assistance from Sweden due to the very high forest fire risk that the country is facing.
Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides with the Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze © European Union 2018
12/07/2018 - News
The European Commission and the Emergency Management Service of Georgia will sign an administrative arrangement in Tbilisi enhancing ties in civil protection and disaster risk management.
Solai Dam
14/05/2018 - News
In response to ongoing devastating floods in Kenya, the European Union has provided €1.5 million in humanitarian funding to assist the most affected families.

/echo/file/rising-rubble-helping-victims-ecuadors-2016-earthquake-reclaim-their-lives_enRising from the rubble: helping victims of Ecuador's 2016 earthquake reclaim their lives

Rising from the rubble: helping victims of Ecuador's 2016 earthquake reclaim their lives
17/04/2018 - Video
On 16 April 2016, the strongest earthquake to hit Ecuador since 1949 devastated the country's north coast. The 7.8 magnitude tremor killed 671 people, injured over 17 600 and left close to 2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. With...
Community members pose with NGO staff
19/03/2018 - Blog post
When a strong 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck central Nepal in April 2015, it not only destroyed houses, but also damaged innumerable latrines and water systems in remote mountainous areas.