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/echo/file/echo-eurobarometer-2015_enECHO Eurobarometer 2015

ECHO Eurobarometer 2015
28/05/2015 - News
Public support for the EU's humanitarian aid has gone up in spite of the economic crisis, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey.
The international community mobilised funds to help the fisheries sector recover after the tsunami. Here, humanitarian workers hand over ECHO-funded nets in partnership with Caritas to a group of fishermen in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Photo credit:
26/12/2014 - News
Ten years ago today, the world dumbstruck by the magnitude of the natural disaster that had just hit a series of countries across Asia and beyond: the Indian Ocean tsunami. Today, we think of all those who lost their lives ten years ago, but also...
23/12/2014 - Blog post
Ten years ago, I landed in Aceh, at the northern tip of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It was two weeks after the 2004 tsunami had struck this remote coast of the Indian Ocean, and the devastation was unbelievable: for several kilometres inland,...


19/12/2014 - Photo story
Ten years after the Indian Ocean tsunami, the Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO) looks back on how its contribution was used to help survivors get back to life. Images of those who benefitted from the EU aid, show...

/echo/file/eu-children-peace-minister-kurz-education-initiative_enEU Children of Peace: Minister Kurz on the education initiative

EU Children of Peace: Minister Kurz on the education initiative
09/12/2014 - Video
The EU Children of Peace initiative has had further funding thanks to the the kind contributions of Luxembourg and Austria. Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz explains why it's so important to fund children's education in emergencies...
20/11/2014 - News
Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission, Neven Mimica, Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Christos Stylianides, Commissioner for...

/echo/file/introducing-inform-0_enIntroducing INFORM

Introducing INFORM
27/10/2014 - Video
INFORM is the first global, open-source tool for measuring the risk of a humanitarian crisis or disaster occurring in a country. It provides a common evidence base so all governments and organisations can work together better to reduce the risk of...


09/10/2014 - Photo story
Elderly populations are disproportionately affected by disasters. This is a result of their increased physical vulnerability, the misperception that they are a burden rather than an asset in disaster preparedness and response work, and a lack of...

/echo/file/voices-children-campaign-continues_enVoices of Children: The campaign continues

Voices of Children: The campaign continues
02/10/2014 - Video
Heard about our and UNICEF Voices of Children campaign? If not let's recap to see how many people have been reached and helped share the message that children in emergency situations must be heard! Have you lent your voice to a child in an...
22/09/2014 - News
Given the drastic increase in frequency, severity and magnitude of natural disasters, the EU and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) are launching today a joint campaign on effective preparedness measures.