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South Sudan crisis worse than ever

How would you describe the humanitarian situation in South Sudan today? MP: It is worse than ever. There are more internally displaced people than ever – 1.6 million – with almost 200 000 people in special 'protection-of-civilians' sites inside UN...

A safe haven for children in conflict-torn Darfur

All children have to attend school, but how to achieve this in Darfur, where 70 percent of school-aged children – which includes high numbers of orphans, disabled and unaccompanied children – are displaced within the country?Behind this question...

Treating malnutrition in Sudan's North Darfur

Hawa Mohamed Tibin broke into a smile as her 3-year-old toddler Mahadia gave out a loud cry after being lifted from a weighing scale. “Ma’shala ,” she says. She could now see the signs that her daughter was on the way to being cured of malnutrition...

Back to school in Maban, South Sudan

"What is science?" the teacher asks. In front of him there are about 40 teenagers dressed in light purple school uniforms. "It’s the study of living and not living things. How do you recognise a living thing?"Faiza raises her hand. "A living thing...

The children I met when filming their Dance4Peace video in Chad

This last summer, under a light rain of a Wednesday morning, I traveled to Tédjou, a town not far from the sub-prefecture of Tissi, in the region of DarSila, eastern Chad. With its mix of arid and green landscapes, this little town is home to some...

Préparer les enfants réfugiés à un avenir incertain au Soudan du Sud

Le conflit au Soudan du Sud a dévasté la vie de millions de gens, et celle des enfants tout particulièrement. Nos partenaires de la Fédération luthérienne mondiale décrivent dans ce billet comment, en mobilisant des fonds de l’initiative des...

Preparing child refugees for an uncertain future in South Sudan

It has been almost three years since 17 year-old Walid Awad Majir and his two brothers settled in neighbouring South Sudan, fleeing conflict at home in South Kordofan, Sudan.He recalls the date—30 December 2011—when military planes bombed Koda...

More and more are fleeing Somalia's Lower Shabelle

Having recently visited some of the many settlements for internally displaced people (IDP) dotting the outskirts of Mogadishu, Concern Worldwide Somalia Director met newly displaced families, most fleeing the worsening food security and fighting in...

Hope for malnourished children thanks to community activists in Angola

Last February a 4-months old orphan, Conceição, was admitted into the Community based Management programme of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) in Caala (Huambo Province), which was affected by the 2012 drought. Conceição’s mother had died a few weeks...

Better self-reliance for refugee children through education

With over 420 000 refugees in 18 camps spread over five regions, Ethiopia hosts the largest number of refugees in sub-Saharan Africa after Kenya. The average stay of a refugee in a camp is 17 years. In order to restore dignity, ECHO is focussing on...