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In a disaster simulation in Kyrgyzstan, first aid teams are dispatched to different locations across the hamlet, where serious injuries have been reported. This man, for example, is supposed to have broken his leg.
With its vast mountain ranges, grasslands, steppes, deserts and large river systems, Central Asia is particularly exposed to natural disasters.


EU firefighters attend a ceremony of thanks in Santiago, Chile, before returning to Europe.
On Sunday 12 February, the Chilean government offered an act of recognition to the firefighters of the European Union who collaborated in the fight against the devastating fires that razed several regions of Chile in the last few weeks.


EU deploys a team to fight the worst forest fires in 50 years
The European Union activated its European Civil Protection Mechanism (EUCP) to assist Chile with the worst forest fires in 50 years, responding to the invitation of Chilean authorities. Fourteen EUCP Mechanism experts facilitate the coordination and...


On its path of destruction, Hurricane Matthew ruined lives and livelihoods. It sparked the largest humanitarian crisis since the devastating 2010 earthquake from which Haiti is still recovering. The already immense humanitarian needs of vulnerable...


Just ten days ago, 16 April 2016, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the northern coast of Ecuador. The most powerful earthquake in the country since 1949 caused widespread devastation, killed at least 655 people and injured over 17 500.