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Child refugees in Shagrab camp
Thirteen years have passed since conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region made the headlines. Darfur remains troubled, but conflicts have also taken hold elsewhere and more than half a million refugees from neighbouring Eritrea and South Sudan have sought...


Two million Sudanese children under 5 are acutely malnourished and 550 000 of these children are severely malnourished. Within the African continent, 13 per cent of all children suffering from severe acute malnutrition are located in the Sudan....


Every refugee who crosses an international border in search for safety hopes to return home soon. In protracted conflicts, years go by and certain refugee crises receive diminishing media and donor attention.


Malnutrition rates in many regions of Sudan are beyond emergency levels and disease outbreaks are common. Access to food for the most vulnerable population is an ongoing concern.


Abu Shouk camp in the North Darfur capital town of El Fasher has been home to thousands of internally displaced people since it was set up in April 2004. In 2011 World Food Programme (WFP) introduced cash voucher assistance to thousands of...