Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

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Over the last week, the world has been following the tragic fate of thousands of migrants drifting in the Andaman Sea after being abandoned by ruthless human traffickers. Many of these desperate migrants are Rohingya, a muslim minority from Myanmar...
Malnutrition rates in many regions of Sudan are beyond emergency levels and disease outbreaks are common. Access to food for the most vulnerable population is an ongoing concern.
Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees from the Syria crisis – more than 1.75 million people. While official registration allows refugees to access free primary education, UNICEF estimates that more than 70% of Syrian youngsters living outside...
For the past month, Saudi-led aerial bombardments in Yemen have taken a heavy toll on the civilian population, causing hundreds of deaths, large displacements and shortages of basics, including food, fuel and water.
A devastating earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April 2015 followed by several strong aftershocks. Thousands of people are reported dead and many more injured. EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides visited...
One year ago, Azraq refugee camp opened in Jordan. Located in a remote and barren spot in the desert and housing around 17 000 Syrian refugees, Azraq was carefully planned along the lines of the 'lessons learnt from Zaatari' – Jordan’s...
Civilians in Colombia continue to be affected by the humanitarian consequences of a protracted internal armed conflict: forced displacement, recruitment by armed groups, sexual violence, murder, kidnapping, restriction of movement, lack of access to...
Palestinian communities living in parts of the West Bank also known as 'Area C', currently under Israeli control, are among the most vulnerable people in the region.
As the conflict in Syria continues into its fifth year, the devastating effects of the war continue to take a daily toll on millions of families who remain in the country, many displaced due to the fighting.
When a disaster strikes, every minute counts for saving lives. The EU is committed to providing disaster response in a timely and efficient manner and ensuring European assistance meets the real needs in the population affected, in Europe and beyond...