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In Somalia, the internal conflict which has been persisting for over 20 years, as well as recurring natural catastrophes, have led to a situation where the basic needs of the majority of the country’s inhabitants remain unattended. Deficiencies...


Photo: ©European Union/ECHO/Pierre Prakash
Photo: ©European Union/ECHO/Pierre Prakash
Since mid-June 2015, heavy seasonal rains have caused widespread floods and landslides across several regions of Myanmar/Burma.


Photo credit: WFP
Photo credit: WFP
The acute and complex emergency affecting the Central African Republic has resulted in widespread disruption in people’s livelihoods. Nearly a quarter of the population is in need of urgent food assistance – with food production in 2014 about 50...

/echo/file/2179684347225ac3a50f1bjpg_enUnprecedented drought spreads through Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Photo credit: EU/ECHO/H. Avril 2015
Although the rainy season usually takes place in September on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola hosting Haiti and the Dominican Republic, no rain has fallen this month.


Afghanistan: Helping returning refugees settle
Afghanistan: Helping returning refugees settle
Since 2002, around 5.8 million refugees have returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan and Iran


Photo credit: EU/ECHO/Bernal Revert
Photo credit: EU/ECHO/Bernal Revert
The EU Aid Volunteers initiative is at a turning point. With the closing of the pilot phase, the full implementation of the initiative including the deployment of the first 350 volunteers to humanitarian projects in disaster-affected countries is...


Improving water, hygiene and sanitation in South Sudan
Improving water, hygiene and sanitation in South Sudan
Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) has been present in South Sudan since 2006. In December 2013, a violent conflict exploded, forcing near to two million people to abandon their homes and to flee in other parts of the country or abroad.


On 30 July 2015, Cyclone Komen made landfall in Bangladesh, bringing heavy rains across the border to neighbouring Myanmar/Burma. The resulting floods swept across much of the country and strong winds brought further destruction along the coast of...


Ebola. A disease that has decimated families, orphaned children and shattered fragile health systems and economies in West Africa. A disease that continues to kill. The EU and its Member States mobilised substantial resources – people, equipment and...


Nearly 80% of the population in Gaza relies on international aid. The ongoing eight year Israeli blockade, preventing the free movement of peoples and goods, and last year’s 50-day Israeli military operation, have resulted in increasing poverty...