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In the Sahel, an estimated 570 000 children die every year of malnutrition related causes. Fortunately, more and more children receive life-saving treatment every year.
In Niger, almost 1 in 4 children suffers from severe malnutrition. As in other countries of the Sahel, population growth outstrips food production and many children suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Efforts to reduce the number of child deaths...
During 1 000 days, from the beginning of the pregnancy until the child’s second birthday, the health and nutrition of both mother and child are crucial. If the mother is undernourished during pregnancy the baby will also run a higher risk of being...
While all eyes are on the Minsk negotiations, the suffering of people forced to flee their homes due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine continues. Every day, UNICEF is distributing to those in need thousands of family kits in small towns such as...