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Global Vulnerability and Crisis Assessment / Forgotten Crisis Assessment

Photo credit: UNHCR

Global Vulnerability and Crisis Assessment (GVCA) 

The Global Vulnerability and Crisis Assessment is a tool based on national indicators and composite data that allows for a comparative analysis of countries and crises to identify the level of vulnerability/crisis.

The first component identifies the most vulnerable countries, where humanitarian needs are likely to be greater in the event of a disaster, using a vulnerability index; the second component identifies countries that are effectively in a humanitarian crisis situation corresponding to the ECHO intervention criteria, by means of a crisis index. Taken together, the two indices define the priorities for intervention.

The Forgotten Crisis Assessment (FCA)
The Forgotten Crises Assessment is a methodology which identifies serious humanitarian crisis situations where the affected populations are not receiving enough international aid or even none at all.

The second phase of the framework focuses on the sub-crisis context and response analysis. This analysis is carried out jointly by ECHO field experts and Brussels-based experts. The two-phase assessment and analysis allow for the prioritisation of needs, inform the development of strategic plans (Humanitarian Implementation Plans - HIPs) and provide an evidence base for funding allocation.

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