Humanitarian project proposals

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How to submit a project proposal?

At any time of the year, in response to humanitarian crisis, DG ECHO partners (Non Governmental Organisations, international organisations and Member States Specialised agencies) can submit project proposals to DG ECHO. To do so, humanitarian organisations must get into contact with the relevant DG ECHO's geographical desks in Brussels and with DG ECHO technical assistance in the field, in order to present their project.

In order to rationalise, simplify and render more transparent the implementation of humanitarian aid actions as defined in its annual strategy, DG ECHO has adopted a new approach towards Global Plans and Ad hoc Decisions. These decisions will now be regrouped into one global decision: the  Worldwide Decision. The identification of humanitarian needs and intervention strategies for each crisis will be, as of now, mentioned in the Humanitarian Implementation Plans (HIPs), in line with the Worldwide Decision. The document in annex Pdf file provides more information on this approach. (N.B. This new approach does not concern the (primary) emergencies and actions funded by the EDF.)

To submit a proposal in response to the needs identified in the Humanitarian Implementation Plan (HIP), the DG ECHO Partners are invited to follow the recommendations published in the HIPs.

Proposals are judged on their technical merits, in accordance with the strategy planned by DG ECHO in response to any given emergency and on the basis of the needs that have been identified. If DG ECHO staff at headquarters favourably assesses a proposal, in consultation with field experts, a agreement for the proposed humanitarian operation can be concluded between DG ECHO and the humanitarian organisation that made the proposal.

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