APPEL - The e-application to the FPA

The application to the FPA 2008 must be made on line.

An electronic application tool, named APPEL, available on ECHO's website supports DG ECHO and NGOs in providing and collecting structured information.

APPEL, step 1

Step 1 allows the applicant firstly to identify itself by completing an identification form and secondly to carry out a self-assessment of eligibility by answering 6 preliminary questions. If the applicant appears to satisfy the basic requirements, it will access Step 2.

APPEL, step 2

Step 2 allows the applicant to complete a 60-question survey intended to verify its operational, administrative and financial strengths. The applicant can by log in and out from APPEL as desired, and save any partial input at each log-out.

After completing the questionnaire, the applicant must validate its final input, which will be in this way recorded in DG ECHO's database.

The applicant must then print the validated questionnaire and have it signed by the person entitled to sign the FPA.

After completing the questionnaire, applicants have to collect supporting documents and send the complete application file to DG ECHO, by one single registered mail.

The complete and final application dossier in paper version to be sent to DG ECHO shall be composed of:

  1. APPEL questionnaire – validated, printed and signed by the authorised representative of the organisation,
  2. List of all compulsory documents,
  3. List of all other supporting documents, when relevant.

Useful information


The applicant must complete the APPEL questionnaire and submit the complete application file to DG ECHO by registered mail within one month from the date of validating and submitting the questionnaire in APPEL. In the absence of submission within this deadline the application will be considered void.


Rejected applicants will be, in principle, excluded from a new application until the text of the new FPA, currently under preparation, is finalised. The date of re-opening of the application period will be published on DG ECHO's website.

Timescale of applications for the FPA

The application period starts on 1 January 2008 and remains open until 18 months before the expiry of the current FPA on 31 December 2013. Applications submitted as of 1 July 2012 would only be considered by DG ECHO on an exceptional basis, by NGOs working in an underrepresented sector and/or when there would be a need to fill urgently a gap in humanitarian assistance delivery. For more information on this possibility please contact

DG ECHO will re-open the application procedure as soon as the text of the new FPA, currently under preparation, is finalised. The date of re-opening of the application period will be published on DG ECHO's website.


Applicants must submit their application in English or French. This requirement is a technical criteria which is taken into account for the assessment of the administrative capacity of the applicants. Translations do not have to be certified.

Processing of personal data

Details concerning the processing of personal data are available in the Privacy Statement Pdf file.