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Tragic milestone: 3 million Syrian refugees announced

Photo credit: EC/ECHO/A. Al Sukhni

After 3 years of conflict, the Syria crisis has today reached another tragic milestone as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees announced that over 3 million Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries. At least half of those fleeing Syria are children.

EU Commissioner Georgieva remarked, "The victims require immediate assistance, but also longer-term support. The European Union is acting on both fronts. We have provided more than €2.8 billion in aid, focusing on three priority groups: Syrians inside Syria, the refugees and the host communities. We are making sure that our assistance targets the immediate needs but also the protracted nature of the crisis: for example, by investing in children's education through the EU Children of Peace and the No Lost Generation initiatives. I am grateful to the countries and communities who are hosting the refugees."

The European Union, working in solidarity with EU Member States have provided lifesaving funding to support basic needs of Syrians across the Middle East. This funding is supporting humanitarian organisations to provide shelter, medical care, water, food and other vital assistance. The European Union continues to call for an end to the violence and for a political solution to be found so that the country can begin the long and difficult process of rebuilding itself after so much devastation.

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