I. International

Central African Republic Crisis (ECHO/ RFI)

  • On Friday 28th June, protests of youth from the neighbourhood of Gobongo (Bangui), after the death of one of them, were bloodily repressed by elements of Seleka.  Shooting and looting have been reported all around Bangui. At least 15 people have been killed and many injured. Since Monday 1st July, the situation is calm but still very volatile.

South Sudan – conflict (ECHO)

  • The overall security situation in Pibor county, Jonglei State, remains very tense. No humanitarian assistance or access to basic services is ensured for more than 120,000 people, most of whom are believed to be displaced in the swamps. A notable exception is the town of Gumuruk in Pibor county, where a humanitarian response was possible and carried out last week to the civilian population of 3,500. UNHAS helicopters have been flying to Gumuruk on a daily basis to move passengers and cargo in support of water, sanitation, hygiene, non-food items and FSL responses. MSF still maintains its small clinic in Gumuruk providing health services.

Paraguay – Floods (Local Media, REDLAC)

  • Floods, caused by heavy rainfall, have been affecting Paraguay since June.
  • As of 01 July, over 12,000 people have been affected, mainly in the departments of Alto Paraná, Misiones, Ñeembucú and Amambay, ca. 4,000 have been evacuated from the city of Ayolas in Misiones and 2 indigenous communities (ca. 40 families) in the department of Presidente Hayes are isolated.
  • As of the same date, the floods in Ñeembucú have reportedly worsened, due to the large volume of water carried by the overflown river Paraná.

China – Severe Weather (Chinese Ministry of Interior, WMO)

  • As of 01 July, floods induced by heavy rainfall in Anhui province, have killed 10 people with 5 more missing, have displaced over 100,000 and affected over 500,000. Furthermore, more than 7,600 housing units have been damaged.
  • As of the same date, in Sichuan province, floods have caused the death of 9 people; 5 more are missing, 119,500 were relocated and ca. 10,000 housing units were damaged.

China, Philippines – Tropical Cyclone RUMBIA (GDACS, JTWC, CMA, Xinhua, NDRRMC, Local Media)

  • RUMBIA made landfall as a Tropical Storm on the coast of Huguang town, Guangdong province, on 01 July late evening UTC. As of 02 July, Xinhua reports a few problems in transportation services, due to wind and rain.
  • According to data of 02 July, 00:00 UTC, for the next 24h it is forecast to move NW, weakening into a Tropical Depression.
  • In the Philippines, as of 01 July, 7 people were killed in rough sea and 11 towns in Bataan province were left without electricity, due to strong winds caused by the passage of RUMBIA. As of the same day, all evacuated people have returned to their homes.


II. Europe

Forest Fire risk in Europe  - EFFIS

  • Extreme or Very High Risk in most of Portugal; southern, north-eastern and north-western Spain; southern France; northern and southern coastal Sardegna, south-eastern Sicily, north-eastern, central-western and southern coastal Italy; southern coastal Croatia; south-western Serbia; western coastal Albania; southern Aegean islands, eastern and western coastal Greece; Cyprus; most of Turkey; south-western Romania.

EFAS Reported high discharges  during the last 24 hours by National services:

  • Switzerland: Ongoing high water levels in the region of Lake Constance. Warning level 2 (yellow)
  • Croatia: Ongoing high discharges of 1st alert level on the Danube and the Drava rivers (stabile or decreasing).
  • Serbia: Ongoing high discharges of 1st alert level on the Danube (decreasing).


III. Factsheets



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