I. International

Philippines, China – Tropical Cyclone RUMBIA (GDACS, NDRRMC, WMO, China Meteo)

  • RUMBIA traversed the eastern Visayas and southern Luzon in the Philippines on 29 June as a Tropical Storm, then emerged in the South China Sea and is approaching the coasts of southern China, having strengthened slightly.
  • In the Philippines it caused some flooding and landslides in southern Luzon (by rainfall of up to 175mm in 24h) affecting ca. 3,500 people, 1,818 of which were housed in 10 evacuation centres as of early on 1 July.
  • RUMBIA is forecast to make landfall between western Guangdong and eastern Hainan later on 01 July or early on 02 July, as a Tropical Storm, affecting these areas with strong winds and heavy rainfall (total accumulations of 100-250mm). A Yellow Typhoon Warning has been issued by China Meteo Administration early on 01 July.

China – Severe weather (Chinese Government)

  • Heavy rainfall and hailstorms affected southern, central and central-northern China on 26-28 June. In Anhui and Jiangxi provinces, four people were killed, ca. 1,000 houses were damaged or destroyed, ca. 18,000 people were evacuated and around 640,000 in total were affected. In the same period floods caused by heavy rain hit also the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, killing five people.

India – Floods UPDATE (WMO, BBC, Local Media)

  • Heavy rain continues to affect the state of Uttar Pradesh, northern India. In the town of Allahabad, 118mm of rain in 24h were measured during 30 June.
  • As of 30 June, local media report that the death toll in Uttar Pradesh due to floods since 15 June has risen to 67.
  • Meanwhile, in the state of Uttarakhand, ca. 3,000 people are still missing, according to BBC.

USA – Heat wave (CNN, NWS)

  • A strong heat wave has been affecting the SW United States - mainly Arizona, Nevada and southern California - since 28 June, with temperatures of 53 degrees Celsius recorded in Death Valley, eastern California and 47.2 C in Las Vegas Nevada. A number of heat-related health incidents have been reported in these areas.
  • An “excessive heat warning” by the National Weather Service was still in effect as of 06:20 UTC on 01 July for western Arizona, central and southern Nevada and southern California.
  • Extreme fire risk has also been produced by the high temperatures. 19 fire-fighters were killed on 30 June while trying to extinguish a fire in Yarnell Hill, NW of Phoenix, Arizona.

Mexico – Tropical Cyclone DALILA (GDACS, NOAA, Mexican Government)

  • Tropical Cyclone DALILA formed on 30 June in the Pacific, off the SW coasts of Mexico. At 03:00 UTC on 01 July it was a Tropical Storm (max. sust. wind speed of 74 km/h), its centre was located ca. 200km off the SW Mexican coast and was moving NW, roughly parallel to the shore. In the next 24/48h it is forecast to continue moving NW, possibly strengthening to a Hurricane, and later turn W, away from Mexico.
  • DALILA is expected to affect the coastal area around Manzanillo in the state of Colima with strong winds and moderate to heavy rainfall (total accumulations of 25 - 75mm) later on 1 July. A Tropical Storm warning is in effect for these areas.


II. Europe

Italy – Earthquake (GDACS, Italian Media)

  • A moderate earthquake of 4.9M at a shallow depth of 10km hit the province of Massa Carrara, NW Italy, on 30 June at 14:40 UTC, in the same area as the 5.2M earthquake of 21 June. Some light damage was reported in the local media, apparently in buildings already damaged by the earthquake of 21 June. No injuries or serious damage were caused by this earthquake.

Bulgaria – Severe weather (WMO, Local Media)

  • Heavy rainfall (50 – 100mm in 24h in a number of places) affected central and NE Bulgaria on 30 June, causing some flooding and landslides.  Bulgarian media report damage to houses, streets and public buildings in Varna and Dobrich region.

Meteoalarm – as of 06:00 UTC

  • Strong winds in northern coastal Poland – Orange Alert

Forest Fire risk in Europe (EFFIS)

  • Extreme or very high risk in most of Portugal, the whole southern half of Spain, southern France (region of Montpellier), coastal Sicily in Italy, southern coastal Greece, Cyprus and central and SE Turkey.

EFAS Reported high discharges  during the last 24 hours by National services:

  • Switzerland: Ongoing high water levels in the region of Lake Constance. Warning level 3 (orange)
  • Croatia: Ongoing high discharges of 2nd alert level on the Danube and of 1st alert level on the Drava (decreasing).
  • Serbia: Ongoing high discharges of 1st alert level on the Danube (decreasing).


III. Factsheets



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