I. International

Jordan – Syrian refugees (ECHO)

  • The UNHCR estimates that over 450,000 Syrian refugees are registered in camps in Jordan or awaiting registration.
  • On 23 April, the Jordanian Government sent a renewed request for assistance, identifying the health sector as one of the main priorities. In particular, the Government mentions a need for a health centre to support Syrian refugees in camps.
  • In order to verify with the Jordanian Authorities what type of health structure (size, facilities etc.) would be most needed, a four member EU CP Team and one MIC Liaison Officer will be deployed on 13 May.
  • The mission is foreseen to last five days and the team will liaise with the ECHO RSO, the EU Delegation, the Jordanian authorities and the relevant humanitarian organizations. The team will also initiate the identification of potential organizations willing to take over the management of the health centre.
  • Depending on the outcome of this mission a follow-up mission might be envisaged to support the setting up of the health centre.
  • To date, DG ECHO response to the Syrian refugee situation in Jordan amounts to €43 million in assistance.

Bangladesh/Myanmar – Tropical Cyclone MAHASEN (GDACS, OCHA, ECHO, Bangladesh government, AFP, Myanmar meteo, Myanmar media)

  • Tropical Cyclone MAHASEN, formed in the Indian Ocean on 10 May, is heading towards the coasts of Bangladesh and Myanmar. At 00:00 UTC on 10 May its centre was located in the Bay of Bengal, ca. 1,200 km SSW of the coasts of Bangladesh, it had a max. sust. wind speed of 93 km/h (equivalent to a Tropical Storm) and was heading N.
  • In the next 24-48h it is forecast to strengthen gradually and turn NNE, in the general direction of SE Bangladesh close to the Myanmar border. According to the 00:00 UTC 13 May data it could approach the Bangladesh coast on 16 May, affecting the area with strong winds and heavy rain. Uncertainty in the future track is still high.
  • In view of the high vulnerability of the coastal populations in this area, local and international organizations are on stand-by. Bangladesh authorities have issued a warning to the population for the ports of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar and Mongla.
  • In Myanmar, authorities are on alert for possible effects of MAHASEN in Rakhine state, particularly concerning ca. 68,000 Rohingya refugees housed in camps. Some estimates raise this number to 140,000. Sittwe, Pauktaw and Myebon have been identified as the most critical sites. Warning messages by radio have been transmitted to the local populations and the state authorities have asked for food, water purification and transportation and medical services. According to media reports, on 12 May people were being moved into emergency shelters. As of 13 May the alert level in Myanmar is still Yellow.
  • No request for assistance has been received.

Iran – Earthquake (GDACS, USGS, OCHA, Iranian Red Crescent)

  • On 11 May at 02:08 UTC, a 6.0M earthquake at a depth of 14km hit Hormuzgan province in southern Iran. The epicentre was ca. 7km SE of the town of Hashtbandi, pop. 3,000; USGS estimates ca. 1,000 people exposed to "Very Strong" shaking.
  • The earthquake caused damage and injuries in the epicenter area. On 13 May, Iranian Red Crescent reports two people dead and 20 injured and damage to 31 rural villages; six villages in Goharan district were the most severely affected. On 12 May, FARS news agency, quoting Iranian Red Crescent officials, reported that 1,300 people were housed in four evacuation camps. As of same time, 300 rescuers were still operating in the region.


II. Europe

Forest Fire risk in Europe (EFFIS)

  • Extreme or every high risk in southern Portugal, south west Spain, southern Sicily and Sardinia in Italy, central and north east Romania , northern and southern Moldova and central and eastern Ukraine.

Meteoalarm – as of 05:30 UTC

  • Flood risk in Aube, France – Orange Alert
  • Strong winds in Montenegro – Orange Alert

EFAS – Reported high discharges during the last 24 hours by National services

  • Poland: Ongoing high discharges on some of Bug and Odra rivers tributaries.
  • Slovenia: Ongoing high discharges of national alert  level 1 on Mura river. Water level is decreasing.
  • Serbia: Ongoing high discharges of national alert level 1 on  Danube (section Novi Sad Smeredevo) and  Tisa  rivers. River levels are stable, or slowly decreasing.
  • Croatia: Ongoing high discharges of national alert level 1 and level 2 on lower Drava (slowly increasing tendency) and national alert level 1 on Danube (stable) river.
  • Italy: Ongoing high discharges of single level in Nure river basin. Water levels are stable.


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