I. International

Iran – Earthquake (GDACS, USGS, Iranian Seismological Centre, FARS, BBC, IRNA)

  • An earthquake of magnitude 6.3M, at a depth of 10km, hit southern Bushehr province in SW Iran on 09 April 11:52 UTC, ca. 90km SE of the city of Bandar-e Bushehr (pop. ca. 165k). USGS-PAGER estimates ca. 3,000 people exposed to "Severe" shaking.
  • As of 10 April, FARS reports 37 people killed, 850 injured and 700 houses destroyed in 12 villages.
  • As of 09 April, BBC quotes local authorities in stating that the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant has not been damaged.
  • Several aftershocks occurred in the same area, the strongest being a 5.6M one, ca.5.5km SE from the epicenter of the 6.3M earthquake.

Indonesia – Severe Weather (BNPB)

  • Heavy rains caused floods and landslides in South Sulawesi province on 08 April. BNPB reports 1,000 houses flooded in six villages and roads blocked.
  • Strong winds and heavy rains hit Central Java on 09 April. As of 10 April, BNPB reports 300 houses severely damaged in Wonosobo regency. In Demak regency, 20 houses were damaged. The report also mentions two dead and six injured from a landslide in Kendal district.

SW Indian Ocean – Tropical Cyclone IMELDA (GDACS, MeteoFrance-LaReunion, Mauritius Meteorological Services, NASA)

  • IMELDA at 18:00 UTC on 09 April had a max. sust. wind speed of 111 km/h (equivalent to a tropical storm). Its centre was located over water, ca. 330 km SE of Agalega Islands (Mauritius) and ca. 950 km NE of the main island of Mauritius and was moving W-SW, strengthening.
  • In the next 24h its center is forecast to continue moving SW over water (passing ca. 200-250 km SE of Agalega), strengthening; and then it is forecast to turn S-SE.

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II. Europe

Hungary – Floods (HU MOI, National Directorate General for Disaster Management)

  • Several rivers in Hungary are affected by flood alert level 3. Along 2400 km river section there is a flood protection alert. 216,000 ha are already inundated by water. There is no emergency declared in the country. According to the National Meteorological Service no significant amount of rain is expected for the coming days.

EFAS - Reported floods during the last 24 hours by National services

  • Croatia: Ongoing floods on Sava and Danube rivers.
  • Serbia: Ongoing floods of second level alert on Sava, of first alert level on the Danube, Tisa and Tamis rivers. Water levels are still rising.
  • Slovenia: Ongoing floods of single alert level 1 of upper Ljubjanica river. Water levels are decreasing.
  • Slovakia: Ongoing floods of alert level 2 on Latorica and Bodrog river. Water levels are slowly decreasing.


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