I. International

Afghanistan – Conflict (ECHO)

  • By 12 March 2013, 288 families (approx. 2000 individuals) from Yakhshira in north-eastern Afghanistan (province of Badakhshan) have been displaced following renewed conflict which erupted on 6 March.
  • A joint assessment team consisting of the Afghan National Disaster Authority (ANDMA), the Department of Refugees and Repatriation (DoRR), the Afghan Red Crescent (ARCS), the Provincial Council, Kinder Berg, IOM and Focus conducted an assessment on 13 March for an emergency response. Non Food Items (NFIs), medicines and food will be distributed. A mobile clinic has also been deployed.
  • The number of internally displaced people (IDPs) continues to rise. By 1 March 2013, the figure reached 502,628 persons (78,646 families) internally displaced (UNHCR Monthly Update – February 2013).
  • Due to the conflict in Afghanistan, an additional 9,851 people were displaced in February 2013 alone. Following a joint humanitarian assessment lead by the IDP Task Force, 12,423 conflict-induced IDPs were assisted by the Emergency Shelter/NFI Cluster Members since the beginning of 2013.
  • In February 2013 alone, a total of 9,725 conflict induced IDPs received a NFI package. However, beyond this initial response, basic needs such as access to food, water, shelter and heating materials are not being met.

Peru – Severe weather (INDECI)

  • On 16-17 March heavy rains affected the region of Cajamarca in north-western Peru, causing landslides. According to INDECI (as of 19 March), in the province of Cajamarca and Hualgayoc (Cajamarca region) there were: one dead, two people injured and 23 homes destroyed.
  • The region of Ancash (western Peru) was also affected by heavy rains on 17 March. INDECI (as of 19 March) reported 150 people affected, 25 houses affected and 5 houses destroyed in the province of Yungay (region of Ancash).

Brazil – Landslides (BBC, AFP, Local Media)

  • The number of dead in and around the city of Petropolis (state of Rio de Janeiro), due to the landslides caused by the heavy rains of 17-18 March, has risen to 27 (as of early 20 March). According to local media, most of the victims were buried in landslides in the areas of Quitandinha and Independência (Petropolis); search and rescue were still underway.
  • As of early 20 March, local media reported at least 1463 people displaced.


II. Europe

Poland – Earthquake (GDACS, EMSC, BBC, Local Media)

  • On 19 March at 21:09 UTC, an earthquake of Magnitude 4.7M at a depth of 2 km struck Lower Silesia area in south-western Poland. Part of a copper mine in the area is reported to have collapsed and any miners that were trapped have been rescued. There are no other reported damages. No fatalities have been reported.  

Meteoalarm – as of 07:30 UTC 20 March

  • Snow and ice in eastern Ireland – Orange Alert
  • Avalanche risk in north-western Slovenia – Orange Alert
  • Heavy rains, strong winds and coastal events in the Azores (Portugal) – Orange Alert

EFAS - Reported Floods During the last 24 hours

  • Germany: Ongoing flood of Alert level 1 (Lowest level provided exceeded) at Oder/Adra river (112143 km2)- Stuetzkow station and at Saale river (4939 km2)- Oberthau station
  • Serbia: Ongoing floods of Alert level 1 of Serbia in Tamis, Danube and Sava river basins. Water levels are increasing.

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