I. International

Namibia – Floods (Local Media, Namibia Hydrological Services)

  • Floods in the region of Caprivi in NE Namibia have forced the evacuation of ca. 1,000 people over the past week. According to local media reports, another 5,000 people are expected to be relocated in the coming weeks to cope with the rising levels of the Zambezi river.
  • Since early February floods in the region have cut off access to a number of villages and have disrupted normal function of schools and health services.
  • The river level in Katima Mulilo stood at 6.3m on 14 March, ca. 1m higher than the normal maximum; this level has been kept for the past 10 days.

II. Europe

Portugal – Landslide (Civil Protection Azores, Portugal Meteo, Local Media)

  • A landslide caused by heavy rainfall hit Faial da Terra in San Miguel island in the Azores in the night of 13 March, killing 3 people. The landslide destroyed 3 houses in total. More than 100mm of rain in 24h were measured in San Miguel between 13 and 14 March.

Hungary – Severe weather (Hungarian Civil Protection, Hungarian Meteo)

  • According to the Hungarian Meteorological Service, snowfalls have affected 8 counties of Hungary in the last 24 hours, where snow depth has reached a maximum of ca. 51cm. As of 15 March, the Ministry of Interior reports that 138 people were rescued from their vehicles, more than 100 people were injured in several accidents and over 8,000 people were placed in temporary shelters.
  • As of early on 15 March 30 communities were stranded, while approach to another 57 is extremely difficult and 160 municipalities (over 100,000 people affected) remain without electricity.

Bulgaria – Severe weather (Bulgarian Civil Protection, Local Media)

  • Strong winds on 14 March killed 1 person in the region of Gabrovo and caused damage to houses and power outages in a number of places in central and northern Bulgaria.

Meteoalarm – Red and Orange Alerts as of 07:30 UTC

  • Ice and snow in western and northern Hungary – Red Alert
  • Strong winds in central Slovakia – Red Alert
  • Ice and Snow in eastern Austria, northern France, central and NE Hungary, SE and NE Poland and northern Serbia – Orange Alert
  • Strong winds in southern and eastern Austria, SE Switzerland, southern Croatia, western and NE Hungary, central Bulgaria, SE Italy including Sicily and southern Montenegro – Orange Alert
  • Thunderstorms in Sicily and Sardinia, Italy – Orange Alert
  • Coastal event in NE Spain – Orange Alert
  • Heavy rain in the Azores, Portugal – Orange Alert

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