I. International

Indonesia – Floods and landslides (BNPB)

  • Floods and landslides hit 7 districts in Manado city, northern Sulawesi on 17 February following heavy rainfall (242mm in 24h measured until the morning of 17 February (UTC)). As of 01:30 UTC on 18 February, 13 people were killed by landslides and one was swept away by waters, around 1000 houses were flooded with waters of up to 2m and 1,500 people were displaced, while evacuations were still under way.  
  • Continued flooding was also reported in Muarojambi regency in Jambi province, central Sumatra, two people were killed on 17 February and a total of 5,438 houses were flooded.

Russia – Meteor strike (EMERCOM, NASA)

  • The damage and casualties toll by the meteor strike in the morning of 15 February in the region of Chelyabinsk, as of late on 16 February were 1,148 people injured – of which 51 hospitalised – and 3,724 apartment buildings and more than 700 public buildings damaged. EMERCOM reports that early on 18 February the damaged windows were repaired in about half of the houses and to most of the hospitals and schools affected.
  • Calculations by NASA indicate that the size of the object prior to entering the atmosphere was about 17m in diameter and its weight around 10,000 tons; the explosion released an energy of around 500 kilotons. These numbers qualify the event as one happening once every 100 years on average.

Mozambique – Floods (Local Media, OCHA)

  • Overflow of the river Licungo in the past 2 days flooded 500 houses in Namacurra, Zambezia province, according to local media reports. According to the latest OCHA situation report, as of 15 February 8,894 people had been displaced and 33,956 affected in Zambezia by floods. Nationwide, 283,302 people have been affected by the floods since early January.
  • A low pressure area has formed over the weekend in the Mozambique Channel that could possibly cause renewed rainfall in the northern and central parts of the country.


II. Europe

Italy – Earthquake (GDACS, Civil Protection, ANSA)

  • A moderate 4.9M earthquake at a depth of 11km hit in the province of Lazio, 3km from the city of Sora (pop. 26,000) on 16 February at 21:16 UTC. 300 people were temporarily displaced and light damage was reported to a number of houses and 4 old churches in the city. The earthquake affected the region’s aqueduct, interrupting potable water supply to ca. 200,000 people.  No injuries were reported by this earthquake.

Meteoalarm – as of 07:20 UTC

  • No orange or red alerts.


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