I. International

Solomon Islands – Earthquake (GDACS, USGS, PTWC, BBC, AP, AFP, Radio New Zealand)

  • A major earthquake of 8.0M at a depth of 28.7km hit the Solomon islands in the western Pacific at 01:12 UTC on 06 February. The epicenter was located under sea, ca. 70 km W of the island of Nendo (also known as Santa Cruz island, pop. ca. 5,000) and ca. 350km east of the main island group of the Solomons that includes capital Honiara. As of 07:00 UTC, aftershocks of more than 6.0M (up to 6.6M) were still occurring in the region.
  • USGS-PAGER indicates 9,000 people exposed to “Severe” shaking that can produce moderate to heavy damage, depending on the vulnerability of the structures.
  • A Tsunami Warning was issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre 6 minutes after the event, for all island groups of the region. JRC/GDACS calculations, in good agreement with buoy observations where available, indicated a max. tsunami height of 2.0m for a few locations in Nendo, ca. 2 min after the event. Available tsunami measurements by the PTWC at 03:47 UTC indicate a tsunami of 0.91m in Lata, capital of Nendo; at the same time the Tsunami Warning was cancelled. Media report tsunamis of around 1.5m in the eastern coast of Nendo.
  • As of 06:00 UTC international media report tsunami damage in 3 villages and the Lata airport, at least 50 damaged houses, 5 people killed, a number of missing and many others with minor injuries, mostly in coastal communities in the region of Lata.

Pakistan – Severe weather (NDMA, Local Media)

  • Heavy rainfall has affected central and northern Pakistan in the past 3 days, causing damage and fatalities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Punjab. National Disaster Management Agency reports at least 20 people killed, 4 missing, tens of injured and at least 50 houses damaged or destroyed in 10 districts in KP as of 05 February. Early on 06 February Pakistani media report a total of 37 fatalities in KP and Punjab, as well as damage to power supply, communications and road network.

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II. Europe

Meteoalarm – as of 08:00 UTC 06 February

  • Ice and snow in southern Belgium, Luxembourg, and northern Spain – Orange Alert
  • Strong winds along the northern Atlantic coast and NE Mediterranean coast of Spain – Orange Alert
  • Coastal events along the northern Atlantic coast of Spain and the central and northern coasts of Portugal – Orange Alert
  • Thunderstorms in western Greece – Orange Alert

Floods in Europe (EFAS)

Reported floods during the last 24 hours by National services:

  • DE: On-going high discharges and water levels in Rhine, Main, Elbe and Danube tributaries (Wörnitz, Altmühl, Danube river).
  • SI: On-going high discharges and water levels are decreasing in the central Slovenia and the Spodnjeposavska region (Ljubljanica and Krka river).
  • HR: On-going high discharges and water levels are increasing in the north Croatia in Danube, Drava, Sava river. In Kupa river water levels are decreasing.


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