I. International

Occupied Palestinian territory – Severe weather (ECHO, GDACS, RCS, Local Media)

  • On-going extreme weather conditions including floods, snow and strong winds have already affected at least 40 communities across the West Bank, killing 4 and displacing 237 people.
  • In Gaza 2 buildings collapsed and at least 170 houses were flooded injuring 100 and affecting over 2000 people. Extensive damage to agricultural land and assets is also being reported as well as damage to other livelihood structures and prolonged power cuts.
  • ECHO partners have started to assist the most affected families focusing on providing shelter, evacuating floodwaters and providing other immediate needs. 
  • Palestine Red Crescent society reports 79 people injured, 552 people evacuated in Hebron and Jenin governorates and 1,628 people in various locations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip receiving non-food relief items to cope with the effects of the severe weather.

Ethiopia – Malnutrition (ECHO)

  • Following an alert of the Regional Health Bureau as of 24 December, subsequent nutrition surveys reveal alarming malnutrition rates in Gode and Afder zones of the Somali region: 13.2% severe acute malnutrition and between 28% - 30.2% global acute malnutrition rates for the district of Barrey. These rates are well above emergency thresholds.
  • These results confirm the existence of a crisis in the South and Eastern part of the district and more particularly along the border with Somalia, hardly accessible to humanitarian actors. Due to the absence of rain during the past rainy season, a majority of people have migrated to Dolo Bay district (Liben zone) where there is water and grazing lands. The people left behind are facing serious shortage of water and in some cases are consuming poor quality water.
  • ECHO has monitored the situation and scaled up its operation in the area. Further nutritional surveys are being implemented.

Ethiopia – Displacement (ECHO)

  • The Dollo Ado area of the Somali Region received a large number of refugees from Somalia in the last few weeks, with a total of 6,164 new arrivals in December 2012, this representing the highest number of new arrivals registered per month in 2012.

Kenya – Refugees (ECHO)

  • After several months of comparative calm, a number of incidents occurred in Dadaab area, confirming that the security situation remains highly volatile.
  • On 7 January, two persons were killed and several injured in Dagahaley camp when a grenade was thrown into a cafeteria from a passing car. The reasons behind the attack are still to be clarified.

Somalia – Puntland (ECHO)

  • Puntland's President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, whose mandate was set to expire on 8 January, announced yesterday that the future elections will be held in January 2014 and he would remain in charge until then.
  • The move could lead to tensions in the region, potentially triggering re-displacement of IDPs mainly located in urban areas as well as local population's displacement.
  • ECHO follows the situation closely and liaises with its partners in the field.

Mali – Movements of troops and fighting (ECHO)

  • Movements of troops and fightings have been reported in North Mali around Mopti between Malian army and jihadist troops on 8 and 10 January. So far, these fightings have no consequences on the humanitarian situation, no major displacements have been reported.

Sri Lanka – Severe Weather (GDACS, Sri Lanka Disaster Management, WMO)

  • Renewed heavy rainfall affected Sri Lanka on 09-10 January; the country has been affected by almost continuous rainfall and subsequent flooding in the past 3 weeks. The latest bout of severe weather affected ca. 3,000 people in the eastern province, bringing the total number to ca. 385,000 since 17 December.
  • Since the same date, 45 people have been killed, 36,000 homes have been damaged and 4,436 people are housed in 54 evacuation centres.

Australia – Tropical Cyclone NARELLE (GDACS, BOM)

  • Tropical Cyclone NARELLE is strengthening off NW Australia. At 00:00 on 11 January it had a max. sust. wind speed of 175 km/h, its centre was located ca. 500km north of the NW tip of Australia and it was moving SW.
  • In the next 24h it is forecast to keep moving SW, over open water, strengthening, and then pass west of the Northwest Cape over the weekend. Moderate to strong winds and rainfall could affect the coastal areas of NW Australia on 12-13 January (UTC). A Cyclone Warning for the coastal areas from Mardie to Coral Bay is in effect as of 07:00 UTC on 11 January.

China – Landslide (Xinhua, Local Media)

  • A landslide occurred in Zhenxiong County in the SW province of Yunnan on 11 January, burying 16 houses in the village of Zhaojiagou. At least 17 people are reported killed and about 30 others were still missing as of 07:30 UTC on 11 January.

II. Europe

Meteoalarm – Orange Alerts

  • Ice and Snow in the whole of Czech Republic and northern Poland – Orange Alert
  • Strong winds in Sardinia, Italy, and in the northern coasts of Poland – Orange Alert 

Floods in Europe (EFAS)

  • DE: Continued high water levels in the Elbe. Flood peak travelling downstream.


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