I. International

Central African Republic – Conflict (ECHO)

  • The SELEKA rebel coalition has taken control of a number of towns across the country including, Bamingui, Kabo, Batangafo, Kaga Bandoro, Ippy, Bambari, Bria and Sibut (184km north of Bangui).
  • Despite limited access for humanitarians, OCHA is reporting that thousands of people have been displaced from their homes and are seeking refuge in the bush, in nearby regions or across the borders in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Cameroon.
  • ICRC reports that in the northern town of Ndélé, life is beginning to return to normal as people emerge from the bush and go back to the homes they fled amid fighting in recent weeks. Ndélé's market is running again. But there's still an air of uncertainty across the country.
  • The mood in Bangui, the capital is one of disquiet. People are preparing for all eventualities.
  • Negotiations between the government and the rebels are due to begin in Libreville, Gabon on 8 January.

Democratic Republic of Congo - Conflict (ECHO)

  • South Kivu: Heavy clashes are reported at Culwe, Nzibira and Nyamareghe between Raia Mutomboki (RM) and the Congolese army. No precise information on the number of civilian casualties is available. Population displacements have been reported
  • Katanga: For the past five days people have been fleeing from five villages in the territories of Pweto and Kasenga as a result of Mai-Mai incursions. The inhabitants of these villages fear possible counter-attacks by the Congolese army.

Lebanon – Severe weather (AFP, Media)

  • On 06-07 January heavy rains affected parts of Lebanon, causing floods. According to local media, at least two people were killed. Strong winds have also affected parts of Lebanon, damaging some structures.

Indonesia – Severe weather (BNPB, BMKG, Local Media)

  • On 07 January strong winds affected parts of Pinrang Regency in the province of South Sulawesi (Indonesia), killing one person, injuring another one and damaging ca. 700 houses. Heavy rains have also affected parts of South Sulawesi province, causing flooding. According to local media at least 8 people were killed.

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II. Europe

Meteoalarm – Orange Alerts

  • Ice and snow in eastern Czech Republic and northern Poland – Orange Alert
  • Low temperature in northern Montenegro – Orange Alert  

Floods in Europe (EFAS)

  • UK: Continued flooding reported in England. Saturated conditions in most areas. Water levels are slowly falling.
  • DE: In southeast Germany continued rain and snowmelt on the 6th and 7th of January has caused an increase in water levels in the upper reaches of the Elbe (Mulde) with a return interval > 20 years. The flood peak is travelling downstream and reached the main tributary of the Elbe this morning. Water levels in the upstream Elbe and Main (Rhine) are falling.


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