I. International

Philippines – Severe weather (NDRRMC)

  • Heavy rainfall in the past 2 days caused flooding in 6 municipalities in the Davao region, eastern Mindanao, that caused 2,074 people to be displaced.
  • The heavy rainfall has weakened (as of 21 November 03:00 UTC) but occasional light to moderate rains or thunderstorms are still expected over Mindanao.

New Zealand – Volcano Eruption (BBC, GeoNet NZ)

  • Mt Tongariro in central North Island erupted early on 21 November, with an ash column of 3 to 4km high, as reported by GeoNet. No risk for people or communities is reported. As of 05:30 UTC the eruption appeared to be over and the Aviation Colour Code was decreased from Red (possible disruptions) to Orange. Minor eruptive activity continues, however, and the Volcanic Alert level remains at 2 (out of 5).

II. Europe

Meteoalarm – Orange Alerts

  • Thunderstorms in central Greece and Abruzzo and Molise in Italy – Orange Alert
  • Heavy rainfall in central and central-northern Greece, Madeira island in Portugal and South Western UK – Orange Alert
  • Low visibility in northern Montenegro and southern Poland – Orange Alert
  • Coastal event (fog) in NW Poland – Orange Alert


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