I. International

USA – Severe weather (NOAA, US government)

  • Storm conditions are expected along the NE coast of the US in the next 24/48 hrs, particularly in the regions most affected by SANDY one week ago. A Winter Weather advisory (for snow and low temperatures) as well as high wind and coastal flooding Warnings are in effect for a number of districts in New York State and New Jersey since 02:30 UTC 07 November.
  • According to the US department of Energy there are still 930,783 customers without power in 6 states – 886,000 of those in NY state and New Jersey (as of 21:00 UTC 06 November).

Iran – Earthquake (GDACS, USGS, IRNA)

  • A 5.0M earthquake at a depth of 40km (5.5M, 10km depth according to USGS) hit 40km W of Ahar, northern Iran, at 06:26 UTC 07 November. As of 07:30 UTC there were no reports of damage or casualties by this earthquake. The region of Ahar was hit by a strong 6.4M earthquake on 11 August 2012 that killed 306 people and destroyed completely 40 villages.


II. Europe

Slovenia – Floods (EFAS, Local Media)

  • Major flooding in Slovenia on 5-6 November affecting various rivers, in particular the Drava at the border of Austria and Slovenia (near Lavamuend). According to 06 November's latest reports the levels of many rivers, including the Drava, are falling or are expected to fall during Wednesday 07 November.
  • The floods had damaged more than 2,200 buildings across the country according to first estimates reported in the media. Many roads in Podravje and  Korosko in North and North East Slovenia and Zasavje and Celje regions in the centre were still closed (as of 06 November) due to flooding and water was still being pumped out of buildings in Ormoz, affected by the flooding of the Drava river.
  • Preliminary damage assessment by insurers put the cost at around 10 million euros, according to media reports; this includes private property damage as well as that in railway and power facilities and businesses.

Austria – Floods (Local Media)

  • Flooding of the Drava river affected the city of Lavamund in Carinzia, southern Austria, very close to the Slovenian border; local media report water heights of up to 2m in Drauspitz district. 50 buildings were reportedly damaged by the floods, affecting around 250 residents. The floodwaters have receded as of 06 November.

Floods – Reported floods during the last 24 hours by National services (EFAS)

  • On-going high discharges and water levels in various rivers, including the Kymi, in southern Finland. 

Meteoalarm – Orange Alerts

  • Strong winds in Sachsen in Germany, Cadiz in Spain and south east Italy – Orange Alert
  • Coastal event (strong winds) in Northern Sea of Bothnia, Finland, and in Cadiz in Spain – Orange Alert

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