I. International

USA – Tropical Cyclone SANDY (GDACS, NOAA, CNN) 

  • After inflicting damage in the Caribbean, SANDY is nearing the US coasts. At 03:00 UTC 29 Oct it had the strength of a Hurricane Category 1 with a max. sust. wind speed of 121 km/h and its centre was located 530km east of the coasts of North Carolina and 680km SSE of New York City, moving N.
  • In the next 24h SANDY is expected to turn NW later today and then WNW, towards the coast. Its centre is expected to make landfall on the coasts of the mid-Atlantic states (possibly somewhere in New Jersey, south of New York) early on 30 Oct (UTC). SANDY is expected to transition into a Low Pressure System prior to landfall, but without weakening - a slight strengthening is even possible. It is expected to weaken after landfall.
  • Tropical Storm conditions are already (early 29 Oct UTC) prevailing over coastal North Carolina, SE Virginia and coastal New Jersey. Later today, Hurricane-force winds could reach the mid-Atlantic states. Heavy rainfall (75 to 200mm total accumulations) are expected over portions of the mid-Atlantic states. Storm surge is posing also a significant risk for this Tropical Cyclone; JRC calculations indicate a max. height of up to 3.8m in the New Jersey shores. NOAA warns for up to 11 ft (3.3m) in New York harbour.
  • Large scale evacuations are taking place near NY City - close to 400,000 people are in low-lying areas have been ordered to move. Public transport including metro is halted in NY city, Washington and Philadelphia as well as in many places in New Jersey.

Haiti – Tropical Cyclone SANDY - UPDATE (CDEMA, AFP, Local Media)

  • According to the report of CDEMA on 27 Oct, the flooding and landslides caused by the passage of SANDY west of Haiti on 24-26 Oct killed 44 people; local media report another 19 injured and 12 still missing as of 27 Oct. AFP reports 51 dead, 19 injured and 15 missing as of 28 Oct 16: 00 UTC. 21,107 people were housed in 158 emergency shelters as of 27 Oct.
  • Significant damage is also reported in agriculture, livestock and fisheries; most heavily hit are the regions of Ouest, Sud, Grand-Anse, Nippes and Artibonite. Assessment is still under way and the damage and death toll could rise further.

Dominican Republic – Tropical Cyclone SANDY - UPDATE (Centro de Operaciones de Emergencias)

  • As of early on 28 Oct there was a total of 18,858 displaced people, 3,223 of them in relief camps (the majority in Barahona, National District, Azua and the region of Santo Domingo). 4,903 houses were flooded and 71 communities were still cut off.

Canada – Earthquake (GDACS, PTWC, AP, CNN)

  • A powerful 7.7M earthquake at a depth of 17.5 km hit the Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii archipelago in British Columbia, western Canada, at 03:05 UTC on 28 Oct. USGS PAGER estimates ca. 4,000 people subjected to "Strong" shaking. As of early on 29 Oct there has been no significant damage reported due to shaking. The initial earthquake was followed by several strong aftershocks, the strongest one of 6.3M.
  • This earthquake posed a potential tsunami risk. GDACS simulations soon after the event indicated a possible max height of 1.7m in the Canadian shores (Orange GDACS Alert) and a Tsunami Warning was issued on 05:14 UTC by PTWC for Hawaii. Some coastal communities in NW Canada and several others in coastal Hawaii were evacuated as a precaution. The actual tsunami wave heights reported in the coasts were in general lower than those expected; 70cm were measured in Langara Island, Canada  and 2.5 ft (75 cm) in Kahului, Maui island in Hawaii. No tsunami damage has been reported as of early on 29 Oct.

Vietnam – Tropical Cyclone SON-TINH (GDACS, WMO, MONRE, Vietnam Media, Chinese Media)

  • SON-TINH made landfall in northern Vietnam near the city of Hai Phong at around 16:00 UTC on 28 Oct. A couple of hours before landfall it was a Typhoon with a max sust. wind speed of 167 km/h (equivalent to a Hurricane Category 2). After landfall its centre moved NNE into northern Vietnam and gradually lost strength; even so, at 00:00 UTC 29 Oct (8 hours after landfall and 70km inland) it was still a Tropical Storm with a max. sust. wind speed of 111 km/h.
  • Northern Vietnam was affected by strong to very strong winds and very heavy rainfall on 28 Oct; 289 mm in 24h were recorded in Phu Lien, just south of Hai Phong. The nearby provinces of China were also affected by have rainfall: 212 mm in 24h measured in Beihai, Guanxi province. At least 1,000 people were evacuated in northern Vietnam on 28 Oct. A possible storm surge of up to 2.2m (near Hai Phong) on 28 Oct was indicated by JRC calculations.
  • As of 29 Oct morning, 3 people were reported killed in Vietnam, 10 injured. Extensive damage was also reported in houses and crop fields. 5 people were reported missing on 28 Oct in a maritime incident in Hainan, China.
  • In the next 24h SON-TINH is forecast to move NE and the E in a wide arc from N Viet Nam into southern China, losing strength, possibly becoming a Tropical Depression late on 29 Oct (UTC).

II. Europe


  • Strong winds and heavy rain in southern Bulgaria - Red Alert
  • Ice and Snow in eastern Austria, the whole of Czech Republic and Isere, France - Orange Alert
  • Strong winds in the whole of Italy except the NW and SE, in France (SE and Pyrenees Orientales) and in NW Croatia - Orange Alert
  • Thunderstorms in central Italy  - Orange Alert

Floods in Europe (EFAS)

  • In Slovenia alarm levels are exceeded in upstream Sava, as well as Krka and Ljubljanica rivers.

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