I. International

Pakistan – Floods (ECHO, OCHA, NDMA Pakistan)

  • According to the latest figures from the Government of Pakistan, monsoon floods have affected 4.7 million people in Pakistan. The worst affected areas are South Punjab, Northern Sindh and Baluchistan (source: NDMA Pakistan).
  • Large scale destruction of homes in the flood affected areas has caused wide-scale displacement. Some 365,600 people are currently sheltering in relief camps set up in schools and official buildings. However, hundreds of thousands more are staying in makeshift tented settlements or on high grounds nearby their homes.
  • Findings of the Multisector Initial Rapid Assessment (MIRA) are expected in the coming days. Initial assessments by local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) indicate food, shelter, drinking water and health services are amongst the priority needs of the flood-affected people (source: OCHA).
  • Meanwhile, in the south of Baluchistan, Gwadar and adjoining districts continue to experience drought-like conditions. The Government is providing tankered water to 200,000 affected people, as well as constructing a new pipeline expected to provide a longer-term solution to the crisis.

Japan – Tropical Cyclone JELAWAT-12 (GDACS, JMA, Local Media)

  • The centre of JELAWAT-12 traversed Okinawa early in the morning (UTC) of 29 September; just before landfall it was a typhoon with a max. sust. wind speed of 185 km/h.
  • Okinawa as well as the neighbouring islands were affected by strong winds and heavy rainfall; 1 person was killed and at least 50 others were injured in the Okinawa prefecture. Power cuts to almost 100,000 households were reported in Okinawa.
  • JELAWAT then moved NE on 29 September, weakening, and made landfall in Aichi prefecture in mainland Japan in the morning of 30 September.
  • JELAWAT left Japan in the afternoon of 30 September, while still being a Tropical Storm and moved NE in the Pacific SE of the Kuril islands, weakening.

Colombia - Earthquake (GDACS, USGS, Local Media)

  • A very strong but deep earthquake of 7.3M at a depth of 162 km hit near the town of Isnos (pop. 5,000) in the department of Huila, SW Colombia on 30 September at 16:31 UTC. USGS-PAGER indicates shaking of up to "Moderate" for more than 4 million people.
  • Due to the power and the large depth it was widely felt in 11 departments in Colombia as well as in Ecuador, according to the National Risk Management authority quoted in local media. As of the morning of 1 October, according to local media, there were no reports of serious damage or casualties.

Morocco – Floods (AFP)

  • Flash floods caused by heavy rainfall hit the region of Safi on the Atlantic coast of central Morocco on 29 September, killing 3 people according to media reports.

II. Europe

Spain – Flash Floods (BBC, Local Media, Spanish Meteo)

  • Flash floods caused by very heavy rainfall (up to 223mm in 24h measured in Malaga) hit the regions of Andalucia and Murcia in southern Spain on 28 September, causing fatalities, damage and evacuations.  As of early on 1 October, 10 people are reported dead (2 in Malaga, 2 in Almeria and 5 in Murcia), many houses were flooded or damaged by mudslides and damage to roads and bridges was reported. As of 14:30 UTC on 30 September there were still 3 people missing (2 in Andalucia and 1 in Murcia).
  • According to media reports, the most severely hit was the region north of the city of Malaga and particularly the towns of Alora, Villanueva del Rosario and Villanueva del Trabuco.  80 houses were reported damaged in V. del  Rosario (10 of them destroyed) and 100 families were evacuated. As of 30 September, all 3 towns were facing water supply problems, according to media reports. A total of more than 600 people were evacuated in various places in Andalucia. 

Meteoalarm – Orange Alert

  • Thunderstorms in central and NE Italy – Orange Alert.

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