I. International


  • JELAWAT-12 remains very strong off the Philippines’ coasts. At 00:00  26 September it was a Typhoon with a max. sustained wind speed of 249 km/h, its centre was located 450 km E of the coasts of Luzon and was moving NW over open waters.
  • Combined with the SW Monsoon, it continues to affect central and northern Philippines with moderate winds and rainfall. As of 22:30 UTC 25 September there were a number of flooding and other severe weather incidents in Zamboanga peninsula, Palawan and Cebu, where 2 people were killed and 1 was missing.
  • In the next 24h JELAWAT is forecasted to continue moving NW in the general direction of Taiwan, slightly weakening.

Mexico – Earthquake (GDACS, USGS, Local Media)

  • A 6.2M earthquake at a depth of 10km struck a few km off the E coast of southern Baja California peninsula, Mexico at 23:45 UTC on 25 September. USGS-PAGER indicates shaking in populated places of only up to “Moderate” and as of 02:00 UTC 26 September there were no casualties or damage reported.

Tropical Cyclone EWINIAR-12 in the Pacific (GDACS, JMA)

  • After passing West of Iwo Jima, at 00:00 UTC September 26 EWINIAR-12 was a Tropical Storm with a max. sustained wind speed of 93 km/h and its centre was located ca. 200km SW of the tiny populated island of Ogasawara (Japan), heading NE. In the next 24h it is forecasted to move NE strengthening slightly, possibly affecting Ogasawara with moderate to strong winds and rainfall.

Nigeria – Floods (NEMA, Local Media)

  • Kogi in central Nigeria has been added to the states affected by the flooding along the rivers Niger, Benue and their tributaries. 9 districts (local government areas) are reported affected and Ibaji district completely submerged, according to NEMA. As of 25 September, around 10,000 people remain displaced in Benue and Kogi states. The major Abuja – Lokoja road is blocked and food shortages are reported among the stranded motorists. The government has warned that more flooding is possible, as more water is expected to be released from the major dams upstream.

India - Response to inter-communal violence (ECHO)

  • ECHO is providing € 200 000 for the needs of people displaced following inter-communal clashes in the Northeastern state of Assam. The funds will provide hygiene and sanitation facilities as well as clean drinking water to over 45,000 people living in 40 camps in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts – those most affected by the violence.


II. Europe

Spain – Forest Fires (Spanish CP)

  • The dangerous (Level 2) fire in Chulilla, Valencia, was still active as of September 25 afternoon. 355 personnel with 95 vehicles and 7 helicopters are involved in the operations.

UK – Floods (BBC, MetOffice, UK Environment Agency)

  • Heavy rainfall caused flooding in many places in the UK on 25 September; at least 300 homes have been flooded across the country, hundreds of people were evacuated (mostly in northern England, notably in Stockton and Morpeth) and some major roads were closed. More than 50mm of rain have been recorded in places across the UK and 83 flood warnings were issued in England and Wales on 25 September, another 5 in Scotland.
  • As of 05:30 UTC 26 September  the alert level was lowered to Yellow, but 88 flood warnings were still in place for England, most of them in the NE and NW, and another 4 in Scotland.

Meteoalarm – Orange Alerts

  • Strong winds in western Austria, Tuscany and Liguria in Italy and central Slovakia – Orange Alert
  • Heavy rain in NE Italy and in Ardeche and Drome in SE France – Orange Alert


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