€100 million extra pledged to Syria as humanitarian needs grow

€100 million extra pledged to Syria as humanitarian needs grow - Click to display a bigger map

29/01/2013 - With over 4 million people in need of aid from the Syrian conflict, the European Commission will pledge an additional €100 million of humanitarian funding. This will be announced at the International Pledging Conference for Syria convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and hosted by Kuwait on 30 January. This funding, to be disbursed in 2013, will add to the €100 million already allocated for the crisis in 2011/2012, bringing the Commission's humanitarian funding for the crisis to €200 million. 

These extra funds will continue to cover top priorities such as emergency medical response, provision of food and safe water, sanitation infrastructure, shelter, registration and protection of refugees and internally displaced people. It is estimated that over the last six months alone, the number of civilian casualties in Syria has doubled (126%).

Commissioner Georgieva stated, before her departure to the conference, "This additional €100 million is sorely needed. People inside Syria are cold, hungry and scared. Those who have managed to cross the borders often arrive with no more than the clothes on their backs. Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq must be praised for their generosity towards refugees fleeing Syria, but the flow is ever-increasing and these countries need more support."

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