EU Civil Protection Mechanism: assistance channelled to Bulgaria's flood victims

EU Civil Protection Mechanism: assistance channelled to Bulgaria's flood victim

8 February 2012 - The EU Civil protection Mechanism has been requested to assist Bulgarian authorities in helping the people affected by floods caused by a dam break in the South East of the country.

Due to the heavy snow that has covered Bulgaria in the past days, several dams are overflowing. On Monday, 6 February, a dam wall of the Ivanovo dam broke due to severe weather conditions and the water released inundated the village of Biser in South Eastern Bulgaria. Other towns in the region are also in danger of flooding. The country's authorities expressed the need for 80,000 sandbags and for 20 winterised tents that could shelter about 160 people left homeless in the flooded area.

Italy, Poland, Hungary and Belgium have already offered the assistance.

The Commission’s Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC) has facilitated the coordination between the affected country and the offering ones. The Commission has also received a request from Italy to co-finance the transport of its assistance to Bulgaria.

The MIC continues to follow closely the evolution of the period of extreme winter which is currently affecting most of Europe, killing more than 350 people across the continent and triggering a state of emergency in a number of EU Member States.

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