Libya: ECHO's assistance

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ECHO is now present in Tripoli with a multi-disciplinary team of humanitarian experts and has opened a humanitarian office in the Libyan capital. The ECHO experts are ensuring that the assistance given by the European Union is delivered expeditiously, and that new needs are identified and addressed immediately. The experts are working closely with the humanitarian partners present in the city, including the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Organisation for Migration, International Medical Corps and UNICEF.

Events in Libya reached a decisive moment over the weekend of 20-21 August with the anti-governmental forces' entry into Tripoli. ECHO has fully prepared and planned for this probability over many months. €10 million in funding was set aside from the €80.5 million committed for humanitarian relief. Humanitarian stocks have already been prepositioned and we are in constant contact with humanitarian partners on the ground to deal with the emerging needs and ensure the rapid and efficient delivery of aid.

The initial priority for the funds will be for help to the large number of war-wounded, to provide assistance in the health sector, to assist in humanitarian mining operations, and to provide relief and protection to the vulnerable displaced members of the population and the refugees who have been trapped throughout the country for many months. €4 million of the funds have been specifically earmarked to support the activities of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Libyan capital and other cities where the conflict continues to rage. The funding will provide medical care, protection, water and sanitation and the distribution of non-food items.

A boost in the funding for the protection of third country nationals, particularly sub-Saharan Africans, in the recently accessible towns and cities, is under discussion with humanitarian partners on the ground.

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