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EU Civil Protection field exercise CRO-FLOODS 2012

18/07/2012 - An EU Civil Protection field exercise code-named 'CRO-FLOODS 2012' was conducted between 21 and 24 May, 2012 near Zagreb, Croatia. The exercise provided an opportunity to enhance regional cooperation for disaster preparedness and response between Civil Protection personnel from all over Europe. It brought together personnel from seven Balkan countries and the rest of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The four-day exercise simulated a large scale flooding. The civil protection teams from the seven Western Balkan countries tested different flood response techniques including water rescue, water pumping, diving in low visibility, and flood containment. The European Commission's Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC) played the role of coordinating and facilitating the provision of assistance to the country affected by the simulated floods, in this case Croatia.