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Farming in the arid Northern Kenya

22/10/2013 - 300 kilometres north east of Isiolo town in northern Kenya, herders have abandoned herding sticks and scrub-land for hoes and farms. In the Bulesa area of Isiolo County, men and women are learning new skills. A mix of recurrent droughts and the constant theft of animals have forced them to re-examine their way of life.

Irrigated agriculture is not the only solution to widespread food scarcity in arid areas, which is fuelled by a growing population. However, this limited potential should nonetheless be exploited since it cushions sections of the community from the impacts of droughts, thereby increasing the resilience of some families.

With funding from the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO), this community is expanding the water canals and increasing the size of land under irrigation.

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