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Yémen: La réparation des puits encourage des déplacés yéménites à rentrer dans leur village

In north western Yemen, close to the border with Saudi Arabia, a recurrent conflict has been waged since 2004 between the Yemeni government and the tribe of Al Houthis. It has led to the displacement of thousands of people, destroyed infrastructure, left entire villages almost empty and fields unattended.

Since 2004, the armed clashes in the Northwest have led, after six major rounds of fighting, to the displacement of about 316,000 people. The fighting has disrupted the lives and livelihoods of an estimated 1 million people living close to and within the former fighting zones. The majority of the displaced have by now returned home, as the situation in the north western provinces is, comparatively to the rest of the country, calm and stable. However, they are returning to places where reconstruction has not yet started, where basic services are hardly available and where people remain highly vulnerable. Armed clashes in the southern provinces have affected so far more than 150,000 people and 144,000 of them have been displaced. Displaced people stay with host families or in public places such as schools and will not be able to return home in the near future. Without the perspective of employment, they will become dependent on aid.

Moreover, the instability in the Horn of Africa, particularly in Somalia, feeds an increasing flow of persons landing on Yemen's shores. 220,000 refugees, mainly from Somalia, are stranded in Yemen and live in precarious conditions, many in Kharaz, the only camp for Somali refugees located at 150 km from the southwestern city of Aden, or in poor, urban areas.