Civil Protection Financial Instrument

Call for proposals: Projects on prevention and preparedness

The 2012 call for proposals for projects on prevention and preparedness in the field of civil protection covers TWO separate sections, each with specific objectives and budget:

(A) Prevention Projects
(B) Preparedness Projects

Objectives of prevention projects:

  • Objective 1: Actions assessing the costs and benefits of risk prevention measures.
  • Objective 2:  Actions developing risk assessments, hazard identification and risk modelling, including actions linked to the development of risk management plans.                  
  • Objective 3: Actions developing innovative solutions for financing disaster prevention.

Objectives of preparedness projects:

Objective 1:
Actions aimed at cross-border civil protection and marine pollution cooperation for direct response to natural and man-made disasters, which may affect critical cross-border infrastructures between two participating countries or which require specific technical skills or know-how;

Objective 2:   
Actions aimed at enhancing operational cooperation in the European Civil  Protection Mechanism, enabling participating states to develop, exercise and register multinational modules (composed of personnel from at least two Participating States); The objective is to develop multinational civil protection modules which could be deployed in emergencies therefore the relevant national central civil protection authorities will have to agree to the development and later registration of the modules in CECIS (form A8).

Objective 3:
Actions aimed at increasing the participating states preparedness for the coastal consequences of marine pollution accidents.

Objective 4:   
Actions aimed at increasing the Participating States' preparedness for receiving assistance.

Objective 5:   
Actions aimed at using and developing e-learning tools for spreading knowledge     about civil protection and marine pollution in Participating States.

Objective 6:   
Actions aimed at limiting the consequences of emergencies through sharing experience and best practices on developing and making use of situational reports.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 31/5/2012.


The criteria for applying for funding under this call, i.e. the Grant application guide for Projects on Prevention and Preparedness 2012 en DOC File, administrative (A), technical (T) en DOC File and financial (F) forms 2012 en XLS File are available by clicking on the corresponding links.

Please click on the following links for more information on the grant agreement governing the action grants funded under the Civil Protection Financial Instrument: Special provisions en DOC File, Common provisions en DOC File, Annex II (Guidelines for technical report) en DOC File and Annex III (Financial statement en XLS File + Guidelines for completing the financial statement) en DOC File, Annex IV (Guidelines for audit certificate on action grants) en DOC File Annex V (Audit certificate on Action grants) en DOC File and Guidelines to partnership agreement en DOC File.

Click here to view the FAQs en DOC File.