DG Humanitarian Aid funded operations

Through the Commission (DG ECHO), the EU provided needs-based EU humanitarian assistance and facilitated the provision of European in-kind civil protection assistance.

DG ECHO intervenes when and where crises or natural disasters occur, helping millions of affected people throughout the world. In 2010, the EU's response to new or protracted crises totalled € 1 115 million and consisted in:

  • providing humanitarian assistance to about 151 million people in 80 non-EU countries, of which 39 countries/territories were designated as being in a situation of crisis in DG ECHO's initial planning;
  • activating the civil protection mechanism for 28 crises inside and outside the EU.

Financial information could be found in the annual report on 2010 activities.


DG ECHO budget implementation history

DG ECHO budget implementation in 2012

European humanitarian assistance in 2012 (DG ECHO & Member states)