Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

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Financing Civil Protection

Photo credit: EU/ECHO/Ruth Silva

In the field of civil protection, the EU plays an "enabling role" to support, coordinate or supplement the actions of Member States in the prevention of, preparedness for, and response to disasters. The primary responsibility for the protection of people, as well as the environment and property, including cultural heritage, lies with Member States.

Consequently, it is Member States who bear the financial costs of most civil protection actions, leaving the EU civil protection budget relatively small (compared to that for humanitarian aid). Whereas, the EU civil protection budget can only offer limited incentives, Structural Funds can support with more substantial funding.

The budget for the implementation of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism for 2014-2020 is €368.4 million of which €223.7 million shall be used for prevention, preparedness and response actions inside the EU and €144.6 million for actions outside the EU. These amounts are complemented by contributions from non-EU countries that participate in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

More details on financing civil protection activities can be found in the annual work programmes.

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